About the vGIC implementation on Qualcomm GICv2

Random Internet search gives you useful results: https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-msm/1576752109-24497-7-git-send-email-sricharan@codeaurora.org/

With some induction, we can guess the GICH/GICV and vGIC maintenance interrupt for other QGIC2 SoC like MSM8994:

[04Ch 0076 8] Base Address : 00000000F9002000
[054h 0084 8] Virtual GIC Base Address : 00000000F9004000
[05Ch 0092 8] Hypervisor GIC Base Address : 00000000F9001000
[064h 0100 4] Virtual GIC Interrupt : 00000019